Weather Blinds

The Perfect Outdoor Solution.
The exterior blinds are suitable for outdoor applications such as Sea facing resorts, restaurant, patio, Gazebo etc. These fully transparent PVC blinds provide clear visibility and offer a high level of protection from rain, wind and dust. You can turn your open space into a usable outside gathering area and create an environment for families, guest to enjoy uninterrupted views allowing you to enjoy and feel the scenic beauty of the place and weather also ensuring our blinds provide maximum protection from nature's elements.

Manual Weather Blind Pulley System

  • We specialize and provide customized solutions with multiple options in monsoon exterior blinds.
  • The manual pulley system draws upward effortlessly. Highly economical and meet up the budgetary needs at its best.

Motorized Rain Protection Blinds

  • We provide Heavy duty Somfy motors that come with a warranty of 5 years.
  • We import specialized treated PVC to match the quality standards. The interlocking system for Horizontal profile/ribs introduced for the first time ever maintains the perfect

Monsoon Blind in Crank System Ferrari Fabric

  • The Breathable Ferrari Fabric with Monsoon Crank System is best suited for Balcony, Veranda.
  • The breathable fabric will allow the air to pass that helps to maintain the room temperature to normal.
  • These blinds are water resistant and available in beautiful roman patterns.

We Specialise in Bulk and Export Orders

We have been in the business of selling premium quality Weather/ Monsoon blinds. We have a proven track record of supplying and exporting quality products to our customers and provide a solution that is built to last with our expertise, knowledge and experience. When it comes to blinds requirement we understand it's a long term investment for our customers hence we go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the perfect product to suit their needs, from installation to offering our customers hands on after sales service. Our goal is ensure our customers are 100 % satisfied.

Choose Interior blinds – According to your lifestyle

We offer the largest possible range of blinds to transform your home or workspace and create harmony by complimenting your Interior aesthetics. Each element is carefully crafted and is highly significant to fulfill the expectations of valued customers. It also includes a wide line of fabrics and colours from modern to traditional designs. We're able to manage all aspects of a major project at optimised cost.